Modernizing Labor Management Operations

Integrating POS through Payroll, to drive profits, and streamline workflow.

Meet the software that has made legacy systems and scheduling apps obsolete.

Scheduling & Timekeeping,
with POS Integration

Manage labor costs with unprecedented simplicity from a single “Labor Center”, complete with real-time labor analytics.

Tips Distribution

Tips are pulled from the POS, to be pooled, or distributed according to your rules. Quick and full service. Exports to payroll.

Labor Compliance

Employee validations on clock-out protect employers from future claims. Real-time alerting empowers managers to resolve patterns of violations.

Publish Payroll
with the Click of a Button

Reduce the Workflow of Payroll Prep up to 80%

Mobile App

Employees view schedules and time-punches, dialogue with management, and trade shifts. Employers enjoy mobile management.

Multi-Unit / Franchise

View rollup of sales vs labor across locations. Robust handling of shared employees. Payroll output to single/multiple EINs.

Enforce Clock-In to the Schedule

Employers save thousands by restricting early or unscheduled Clock-In.

PTO / Sick Time

Request & Approve, with Output to Payroll.

Business Modeling

Model labor budgets with predictive sales.

Dolce’s Labor Center connects and integrates

✓ Scheduling, ✓ Timekeeping, ✓ Labor Budget, ✓ Sales, ✓ Payroll Integration
Small and Big Data integration. Any size business.

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