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As part of the SpotOn family we are continuing to invest in creating the best labor management tools for restaurants.

Simplifying Labor Management

Integrating POS through Payroll, to drive profits, and streamline workflow.

Meet the software that has made legacy systems and scheduling apps obsolete.

Scheduling & Timekeeping,
with POS Integration

Manage labor costs from a single screen "Labor Center", which layers scheduling, time punches, real-time sales from your POS, and projected vs actual labor analytics, all departments / locations in a single screen.

Tips Distribution

Tips are pulled from the POS to be pooled or distributed according to even the most complex rules. Teamwork handles pooling by any time increment, with point weighting, as well as complex waterfalls from revenue generating staff to non-revenue generating staff based on a percentage of tips or sales by gategory. Export gratuity (cc / auto-gratuity / cash) data directly to payroll.

One-Click Payroll Integration

From 1 to 1000+ locations, Teamwork prepares a complete payroll with complex wage / overtime, tips, labor / break / compliance, PTO, other earnings, across multiple EINs, and publishes to leading payroll processors in a matter of seconds. Eliminate manual entry of payroll data. Sync employees and wages.

Multi-Unit / Franchise

Manage all locations in a single account. View individual location performance or rollup of sales and labor data across locations. Manage employees across multiple locations. Payroll data can be distributed to single or multiple EINs.

Mobile App

Employees view schedules, time-punches, and tips. Trade or swap shifts and submit availability / time-off. Receive alerts. Dialogue with management. Employers enjoy mobile management.

Labor Compliance

Employee verification of time punches and meal / rest breaks protects employers from future wage claims. Real-time alerting on labor activity enables immediate remediation opportunity.

PTO / Sick Time

Build complex policies, track accumulation and use. Employees view balances and request PTO through app. Managers approve. Output to Payroll. Across multiple locations and EINs.

Enforce Clock-In to the Schedule

Employers save thousands by restricting early or unscheduled Clock-In. Integrates with leading POS systems.

Logbook Pro

Create topics for daily manager shift notes. Tag and track employee performance for reviews. Find a rich analysis on yesterday's business day waiting in your inbox each morning.

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