Simple Payroll Prep & "One-Button" to ADP®

Reduce the Workflow of Payroll Prep up to 80%

Dolce delivers what the POS can't: A simplified workflow of time-punch edits and approvals, tip allocation, labor compliance, and the complexities of tipped-wages, multiple wages, and multiple-locations.

Payroll Management

  • The problem with standard workflow and tools:
    • User feedback tells us that most business dread payroll
    • Spend significant money and time resolving time punches and organizing payroll output
    • In many cases, users manually enter payroll
    • Users detest entering employee and wage information redundantly across systems
  • Time-Card Correction Revolutionized

Our Commitment: On Payroll day, there is no time-card clean-up, and punches are error free.

    • Time punches are edited from the schedule, where they are visible against their shift, and against the productivity of the day.
    • Time punches are corrected and “checked off” daily, with flags for un-checked punches.
    • All punches transparent to employees -- with comment field and audit trail for every punch.
    • Layered approvals by department.
  • Simplified wage management
    • Unlimited number of wages per employee
    • Simple tools for global raises, annual wage rules, tip credits
    • Salaries
    • Map any number of departments and roles to correspond with payroll location / department / job codes
  • Screen Summary and Payroll Output
    • Dolce provides simple screen review of payroll output, including OT, tips and labor violations
    • One-Button Upload to ADP® (where payroll can be reviewed prior to publishing)
  • Simplified Employee Entry across systems
    • Dolce can pull employees from ADP® or POS, and sync across systems.
  • Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Semi-Monthly