Scheduling & Timekeeping

Integrated with POS

Our "Labor Center" combines time-punches with scheduled shifts, and real-time sales from the POS, allowing operators to manage labor costs with unprecedented simplicity.

Managing Labor Scheduling & Time-Clock from Dolce’s Labor Center

  • The problem with standard workflow and tools:

Client uses separate applications or screens for budgeting labor (excel), scheduling (scheduling app or excel), timekeeping (pos, ADP® Time), labor analytics, ie. labor vs. sales (POS, limited to actuals -- impossible to see vs projection)

  • Dolce Software consolidates all functions onto a single, dynamic screen, “The Labor Center”
    • Forecasting, based on POS sales history and trend intelligence
    • Schedule to budget, by department and location
    • Timekeeping: Edit / approve time punches, in the context of their corresponding shifts, and the productivity of the day.
    • Real-time sales sync from POS, allow complete view of scheduled sales and labor analytics against ACTUAL sales and labor, hourly, daily, and weekly, across all departments and locations.
    • Dolce reduces time spent by 50%+ against scheduling apps and POS
  • Scheduling – renown for its ease of use, based on intelligent cut/paste based on availability and competency.
  • Schedule multiple departments or units on single screen, sharing employees across locations.