The Labor Center

Integrating POS through Payroll

Meet the ADP® Integration that has Modernized Labor Management,

and made Payroll Preparation Unthinkably Simple.

Integrated with POS

Our "Labor Center" combines time-punches with scheduled shifts, and real-time sales from the POS, allowing operators to manage labor costs with unprecedented simplicity.

Integrated with POS, with Output to Payroll

Tips are pulled from the POS, to be pooled, or flow through custom allocations. Adjust with manual overrides. Quick and full service. Flows into Payroll.

Labor & Break Compliance, with Output to Payroll

Employee validations on clock-out protect employers from future claims. Real-time alerting empowers managers to resolve patterns of violations.

A Perfect Fit for Complex Environments

Dolce was built for multi-department, multi-unit, or franchise. View rollup of sales vs labor across locations. Robust handling of shared employees. Payroll output to single/multiple EINs.

Reduce the Workflow of Payroll Prep up to 80%

Dolce delivers what the POS can't: A simplified workflow of time-card edits, approvals, tip allocation, labor compliance, and the complexities of tipped-wages, multiple wages, and multiple-locations.

Request & Approve, with Output to Payroll

Dolce has delivered what businesses have been asking for; complete real-time PTO tracking, which allows for employee requests / manager approvals, with a flow into payroll.

Integrated with POS for Seamless User Experience

Employers save thousands by restricting early or unscheduled Clock-In. Deep POS integrations embed Dolce into POS Clock-In.

All Company - A Modern Approach

Employees view schedules and time-punches, dialogue with management, and trade shifts. Employers enjoy a basket of management tools.